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Beef burger, tomato, lettuce, potato bun, fries




Beef mince

Special sauce

Potato roll

Pickled cucumber

Tomato (½ supplied)

Dutch Cream potato (½ supplied)

Cos lettuce

Brown onion (½ supplied)


YOU’LL NEED‭:‬ Chopping board, knife, large frying pan, flat grill or barbecue (optional)

PANTRY STAPLES‭:‬ Cooking oil (vegetable or grape seed), salt

ALLERGENS‭:‬ Dairy, wheat, gluten, sesame, onion

These instructions are to serve 2 people. When cooking for 1, 4 or 6 the same techniques apply but the preparation and cooking times may change slightly.



1. Prepare the produce: Wash all the vegetables. Peel then cut the potatoes into 1cm thick slices.  Further cut the potato slices into 1cm thick chips. Slice the tomato. Separate the lettuce leaves. Dice the onion. Slice the pickles lengthwise.

2. Cook the fries: Rinse the potato chips in running water to remove the starch. Heat a generous splash of oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook the fries, stirring often, for 10 minutes or until brown on all sides. Remove from the pan and drain on absorbent paper. Season well.

3. Toast the buns: Open up the buns. Heat a small splash of oil in another frying pan over medium heat. Toast the buns for 2 minutes or until brown on the cut side of the buns.

4. Cook the patties: Roughly shape the beef into 1.5cm thick patties, one per person (you may have some excess mince - please use for another dish!). Heat a splash of oil in the frying pan over high heat. Place the patties into the pan. Press the patties to “smash” them. Place some chopped onion on the top. When the underside is well browned, turn the patties over and cook on the other side.

5. To serve: Place the buns on the serving plates. Top with the patties, then some of the lettuce, tomato and the pickles. Spoon the burger sauce on top and serve with the chips and remaining vegetables.

For downloadable pdf version, click here.