Best way to store your produce

Best way to store your produce

Aug 27, 2021Atlas Weekly

 So, you’ve received your Atlas Weekly box and you’re ready to embark on your culinary adventure! Now what?

 The Atlas team has carefully considered every element of this box so that you can enjoy your quality produce, chef-prepared sauces & spices with our recipes from around the world. We want you to get the most out of your box, so we’ve put together this handy guide on how to properly store all your Atlas goodies properly and they can stay fresh throughout the week!

 How to properly store fresh produce

 Herbs and leafy greens: to keep your leafy greens looking green and your herbs tasting fresh, wrap them in a damp tea towel or absorbent paper before storing in the refrigerator.

 Potatoes, garlic and onion: Not all vegetables are destined for the fridge. Store these items at room temperature in a fruit bowl on in your pantry. If you can, keep the onions separate to the potatoes as they release a gas which affects the other negatively

 Tomatoes and citrus: Tomatoes and citrus fruits such as lemons have a high water and when kept in the fridge, their texture can change for the worse. Leave them out in your fruit bowl to allow them to continue ripening.

Other vegetables: Common vegetables such as carrots, capsicum and broccoli are best kept in the crisper of your fridge, as they will quickly get loose water content if they’re left out at room temperature.

 Meats: meats need to be kept in the coolest part of the fridge, right at the bottom. This is also so they don’t drip on the rest of the produce in your fridge.

Dried goods: We have designed our packaging so that you can safely keep your dried goods at room temperature throughout the week. Keep in a dry pantry so that they don't take in any extra moisture.

 Bread: As we travel across the world we come across a few different types of bread. Here's where we recommend to store them:

Roti: This is best kept in the freezer, and you can take it out just as you start to cook your dish. It can stay here for up to three months. 

Baguette or loaf: Keep at room temperature in a paper bag. If the recipe calls the toast the bread, you can also pre-slice it and place it in the freezer and then take it out before you start cooking.

Lebanese flat bread: Keep at room temperature. This bread can also be frozen if you want to save leftovers. 



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