Classic Australian Christmas meal ideas

Classic Australian Christmas meal ideas

Oct 31, 2023Atlas Weekly

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start planning your festive feast. In Australia, Christmas is often celebrated with a combination of traditional holiday dishes and a summery twist. If you're looking for easy and delicious Christmas lunch menu ideas to serve in the Land Down Under, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share some delightful recipes that will make your Christmas lunch a breeze to prepare and a joy to savor.

Chilled Prawn Cocktail

Start your Aussie Christmas lunch with a refreshing Chilled Prawn Cocktail. This simple yet elegant appetizer will not only whet your guests' appetites but also help keep you cool during the summer heat. To make it, you'll need fresh prawns, cocktail sauce, and a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce. Arrange the prawns on the lettuce, drizzle with sauce, and garnish with lemon wedges for a touch of citrus.

BBQ Lamb

Aussies love a good barbecue, and Christmas is no exception. Opt for a succulent BBQ lamb roast for your main course. Season the lamb with a mix of rosemary, garlic, and olive oil, then grill it to perfection. Serve it with a side of mint sauce and roast vegetables, and you'll have a dish that's sure to impress your guests.

Fresh Seafood Platter

Being in the Southern Hemisphere means you have access to some of the world's finest seafood. Create a stunning seafood platter with an array of fresh catches like oysters, crab, and smoked salmon. Serve it with lemon wedges, seafood sauce, and crusty bread. This dish is not only delicious but also easy to prepare, making it a quintessential Aussie Christmas favorite.

Classic Pavlova

For dessert, you can't go wrong with a Classic Pavlova. This iconic Australian dessert is a meringue base topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It's not only visually stunning but also incredibly light and refreshing, a perfect way to end a festive meal.

Fresh Fruit Salad

In Australia, where Christmas falls during the summertime, a Fresh Fruit Salad is a must-have side dish. Simply combine a variety of seasonal fruits like mangoes, kiwis, and passionfruit. For an extra special touch, drizzle it with a bit of honey and sprinkle some mint leaves on top.

Iced Coffee or Tea

To beat the summer heat and provide a refreshing beverage option, offer your guests a choice of iced coffee or iced tea. You can brew a strong batch and let it chill before serving. Offer sugar, milk, and a few ice cubes to personalize their drinks.


Christmas in Australia is a unique blend of tradition and sunny festivities. With these easy Christmas lunch menu ideas, you can create a memorable and stress-free holiday meal for your loved ones. From the Chilled Prawn Cocktail to the BBQ Lamb, a Fresh Seafood Platter, and the quintessential Classic Pavlova, you'll have a spread that captures the essence of a true Aussie Christmas. So, get ready to relax, enjoy the sun, and savor these delicious dishes with your family and friends as you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the Land Down Under.

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