Our Team

For three years, Atlas Weekly has been helping home cooks travel the world from the comfort of their kitchens. Although we're now called Atlas Weekly, we started as ‘Atlas Masterclass’ and had a mission to keep Australians' spirits high and tummies full, during the lengthy lockdowns of 2020-21. With our 1 Hat restaurant Atlas Dining in South Yarra closed, and Australians not able to travel the world, and try new cuisines, Atlas Masterclass began. Quickly, becoming a household experience Australians grew grateful for. 

Today, households are back, busier than ever, but Atlas Weekly continues. We like to think of ourselves as Australia's meal kit brand created for our people, and by the people. Not only does our small, talented team bring together decades of restaurant experience. But our Atlas Traveller home cook community, continue to shape how Atlas Weekly grows, what we offer, and how we can continue to solve dinner time madness. 

Charlie Carrington

Chef Charlie Carrington is the owner of Atlas Weekly and 1 Hat restaurant Atlas Dining in South Yarra. The poster boy of Atlas Weekly (you're probably sick of seeing his face!) Charlie is what some would consider a 'foodpreneur'. At age 16, Charlie left school in Melbourne, to work in the world's best kitchens including three Michelin-starred restaurant, Gordan Ramsay, and Sydney's Firedoor. At 22, Charlie opened the globe-trotting concept restaurant Atlas Dining, and just three months in became Australia's youngest chef to be awarded 1 Chefs Hat by the Age Good Food Guide. In 2020, Charlie began Atlas Weekly which only added to the fire in his belly. 

  • Favourite city: Austin, Texas
  • Favourite cuisine: Chinese
  • Go-to local: Lamaro's Hotel, South Melbourne

Tarah Miller

How does the saying go? Behind every great man is a great woman? Meet Tarah. Tarah is the mastermind behind the Atlas Weekly's former concept, 'Atlas Masterclass' and was often the hands behind the lens of every home kitchen cooking class. With a background in creative communications, Tarah helps us to tell our Atlas Weekly story right. When she isn't getting Charlie in front of the camera, Tarah's helping out with a little bit with everything. But she's the lesser foodie of us all. Don't ask her to proof a recipe card or explain how to cook an egg!

  • Favourite city: Paris, France
  • Favourite cuisine: Mexican
  • Go-to local: Centonove, Kew


Steve is an everything chef at Atlas Weekly. Although his job title is officially recipe development chef, he also makes our sauces and does all of our butchery, ensuring that every meal kit that you receive is packed with flavour. Steve is from Doncaster, UK and has over a decade of industry experience, having worked in kitchens like The Box Tree, Paul Ainsworth at No6 & Murano. Steve loves developing dishes that are big on flavour and authenticity. He has spent a lot of time travelling and is especially well versed in Indian & Deep South (USA) cuisines. When he’s not cooking you’ll find Steve at the dog park or expanding his ever growing sneaker collection.

  • Favourite city: New York
  • Favourite cuisine: Peruvian
  • Go-to local: Bounty of the Sun, Balaclava


If Steve is Batman, Sagar is Robin. He’s Steve’s right hand man when it comes to sauces and butchery, ensuring everything is packed and organised with the utmost precision. Sagar also runs our Friday pack and is responsible for ensuring every box that arrives to you is packed with care and contains everything you need for your mid-week meals. Sagar is also our oldest employee, having worked at LOMAH in 2019 before joining Masterclass in 2020. Sagar is also the comedian of the team, always being on hand to make us laugh and keep the working environment light hearted. 

  • Favourite city: Faridabad, India
  • Favourite cuisine: Indian
  • Go-to local: Desi Dhaba, CBD


Amy Vo is a triple threat at Atlas Weekly! She is our food stylist, photographer & graphic designer. She is charged with the very important task of making sure our food looks as good as it tastes. When Amy isn’t being a design wizard, she’s practicing her calligraphy and piano or eating her way around Melbourne in search for the best croissant. 

  • Favourite city: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Favourite cuisine: Vietnamese
  • Go-to local: Alimentari, Collingwood


Bree is a menu planner and recipe writer at Atlas Weekly. She works closely with Charlie & Steve to bring their creations to life and make sure our recipes are easy to follow for home cooks. After completing an apprenticeship in Melbourne, Bree was a stagier at Brae & Attica and also worked at Atlas Dining. Having previously worked as a kitchen garden teacher, Bree’s skills allow her to write engaging and informative recipes for our Travellers. She is also responsible for arranging our delivery logistics with numerous courier partners to ensure your deliveries all arrive safely. When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her in the garden or trying to learn pottery. 

  • Favourite city: New York
  • Favourite cuisine: Italian
  • Go-to local: France-Soir, South Yarra


Ruby is our customer service wizard and is a first point of contact for any issues or queries you may have. Her friendly and informative approach makes her an essential part of the team. She knows Atlas Weekly inside and out and is always on hand to help. When Ruby isn’t on LiveChat or manning the phones, she’s watching reruns of Sex & The City or catching up with friends. 

  • Favourite city: Marseille, France
  • Favourite cuisine: French
  • Go-to local: Jinda Thai, Richmond