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Serving amount:
  • 1 ATLAS peanut & shallot mix sachet
  • 1 ATLAS larb dressing tub
  • 1 cauliflower bag
  • 1 green beans bag
  • 1 oyster mushroom bag
  • 1 baby cos lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 red onion*
  • 1 long red chilli
  • 1 coriander bunch*
  • 1 mint bunch*

Pantry staples: Cooking oil, salt

Allergens: Onion, nuts (peanut) 

Chef's note: Larb is the perfect hot weather food - crunchy, light, spicy, zesty and flavoursome! Traditionally, a toasted rice powder is added to larb to give another level of texture and flavour. It is made by toasting glutinous rice then pounding it into a powder. Or can be purchased from speciality shops. 

* Use half of the onion in this dish, saving half for the pumpkin curry. 

* Coriander and mint may be split across other dishes so please read each recipe carefully. 


1. Prepare the ingredients 

Always read the recipe in full before you begin. Wash the vegetables. Thinly slice the onion* and cos lettuce. Slice the cucumber and chilli on the diagonal. Cut the beans into 2cm pieces. If large, cut the oyster mushrooms in half. Cut the cauliflower florets and stems into small pea-size pieces. Pick some of the coriander leaves* and mint leaves*. 

2. Cook the cauliflower 

Heat a splash of oil in a frying pan over high heat. Once the pan is hot, add the cauliflower and cook for about 4 minutes, stirring often, or until browned. 

3. Make the salad 

Meanwhile, combine the cos lettuce, onion, cucumber, chilli to taste and half of the peanut and shallot mix. Add half of the coriander leaves and half of the mint leaves. As you add the herbs to the salad, use your hands to roughly tear them into smaller pieces. 

4. Add the vegetables 

Add the oyster mushrooms and beans to the cauliflower and cook for 3 minutes, stirring often, or until browned and the beans are vibrant. Set aside to cool slightly. 

5. Add the vegetable mixture 

Once the vegetable mixture has cooled down slightly, add it to the salad along with the larb dressing to taste (see chef’s tip). Mix well to coat all the ingredients in the dressing. Season with salt to taste. 

6. To serve 

Divide the cauliflower and mushroom larb between serving plates. Serve with the remaining coriander, remaining mint and remaining peanut and shallot mix. 

Chef’s tips: 

Step 5: Taste the larb dressing before adding it all to the salad. Adjust the seasoning to your taste by adding sugar for sweetness or salt for saltiness. Then add as much or as little of the sauce as you like.